Demos and Upgrades

Vivaldi Professional Software - Free Demo

Email Now Attn: Sales and Support for a Link to the Demo and Demo Videos. Simple Type "Demo Request" in the Subject.

Download the Demo by Clicking here if you would like to install it yourself.

(Click the link above to download the demo the press Run. Follow the instructions on the screen.) If you have issues please call the support office at: 760.282.4421


Support by Email and Remote Control is free. This is being done to keep our costs down for you.


Premium support is now available by phone for $99.00 a month.


Email support is always free for the life of the store (Most resposes returned that day).


Support packages can be arranged with voice support for as low as $12.95 a call (30 min max). Tech Support is now done using free version. You must have an internet connection and installed. We will remotely control the computer to assist you. Email Vivaldi Support with your questions or issues. The Support Center is now fully automated. For phone support there is a $12.95 per call charge. (1 to 30 minutes)


Support is by Email and Remote Control for this fee. This is being done to keep our costs down for you.


  • Upgrade to the Latest Version of Vivaldi Classic

    4.03.xx and higher.

    Free Upgrade by Clicking here!

    Vivaldi Upgrades are always free. EXIT VIVALDI! Then Download and run the file, then press the unzip button to override the previous version. Make sure that Vivaldi is not running before you upgrade. (Requires that the Vivaldi Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

  • POS Metro Cloud Demo - New Vivaldi

    New Vivaldi 8 Metro Dry Cleaning System.

    Download the Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Version (SQL Server Based) Clicking here!

    (Requires that the Vivaldi Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

    After installing, Login as a demo user email address: password: 2164 Store #: 1
    This Vivaldi will allow you to run your store from anywhere with an internet connection, great for Tablets (Requires Windows 8 Tablets only - Windows Surface Pro)
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Professional is $995.00 a Store (unlimited Stations and tablets) and $9.95 a month (for hosting and support).
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Professional for $395.00 with a monthly hosting and service contract at $19.95 a month.
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Enterprise for $1995.00 (1 to 8 Stores - Unlimited Stations) with a monthly hosting and service contract at $9.95 a month per store.
    Metro Cloud includes software for your office or home.

    Upgrade the POS Metro Cloud to the latest version

    Upgrade a current install of Vivaldi 8 Metro Point of Sale.

    Download the Upgrade by Clicking here!

    (Requires that the Vivaldi 8 Metro Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

  • This upgrade requires you to have an existing Vivaldi 8 Metro installed! 

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    Customer Web
    POS Metro has a Customer Web Interface where your customers can signup for service, select a Home Delivery Schedule from the Home Delivery Software, View their Ticket and Orders, reschedule service and update Account Information. All integrated into the System. Login with our test customer using the password: 1234


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